As a web design agency,

A strategy is essential for the long-term success of a company. We help you to successfully communicate strategies in your company, because with a corporate design you generate more attention - more customers and more profit!

We support institutions in implementing their design policy goals.

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impressionism from the first moment. Do you actually know how you affect your customers? Do you radiate what you want? Does your appearance reflect your corporate philosophy? Is your look as special as you are?

Corporate success through the right company image!
The first impression counts. Always. Therefore, companies, organizations and products need an optimal design that makes them so distinctive and sets them apart from the competition. We create a professional design for your website and your business stationery (corporate graphics). But that's not all. We also improve your company's design policy goals. So that you really radiate what you are made of, so that the customer can see at first glance how special your company is.
Media load design. Because: A picture is worth a thousand words. 

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Do you want to be perceived positively? Show your strengths! We highlight your advantages in an original way and permanently sharpen your attractiveness through systematic design concepts. Good design arises in the head and hits the heart.

We analyze your corporate goals, take over your wishes and create a distinctive business stationery. Our creative knowledge accompanies you conceptually and in terms of content and helps the respective project to increase sales.

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Fotowerk & Identity

Corporate Design ist ein Teilgebiet der Corporate Identity (CI) und beinhaltet das gesamte Erscheinungsbild eines Unternehmens oder einer Organisation. Das Design der internen und externen Kommunikation gehören dazu: Firmenzeichen, Geschäftspapiere, Werbemittel, Verpackungen, und die Richtige Fotografie.
Die Gestaltung so wie die Fotografie aller Elemente des Corporate Design geschieht unter einheitlichen Gesichtspunkten zum Beispiel in der Wahl von Farbe, Form, Schrift, Bild, Textstil so wie Hintergrund und die Fotografie . Ziel des CD ist es bei jedem Kontakt eine Wiedererkennung zu erreichen.

Find your corporate recognition style with us.

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SEO & Mobile First

The term SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) is the service that makes your website better known. Even the best and most elegant page is of no use to you if it is not brought to the customer. We make targeted use of SEO optimization through content, technology, keywords and sitemap. After the website has been created, we are still there for you. We give our customers a free introduction to SEO understanding so that you can work on your Google ranking on your own. We would also be happy to develop a professional strategy with entries in web catalogs, press boxes and forums. We analyze your target customer group and use SEO in a targeted manner. You benefit from our many years of experience.


Seminare & Workshops

Mit rund 10 Seminaren und zahlreichen Workshops und Veranstaltungen pro Monat unterstützen wie Sie bei Schlüsselkompetenzen Projekten aller Fächer bei der Bewältigung von Herausforderungen imIhrem Unternehmen und bereiten sie und Ihrer Personal auf die überfachlichen Anforderungen der Digitallesung im späteren verlauf Ihre Pläne vor. 

Unter anderem geht es um Themen wie Teamstrategien Lernstrategien und Arbeitstechniken, Präsentation, Kommunikation,Corporate Design und Identity, interkulturelle Kompetenz, Innovations Projekte- und prozessorientierte effiziente Arbeitsweise.

Medialoaddesign Web & Design

Flexible & modern WordPress service


  • Homepage with 5 categories
  • Stock images & sample texts
  • Imprint & privacy policy
  • 6 months updates & technical support
  • Contact form, social media buttons

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Carefree package*
* from € 39 per month


  • Online shop with 5 subpages
  • Establishment of the shop system
  • Maintenance of 10 products
  • Payment methods, PayPal & 1 shipping method
  • 5 product categories, product images & descriptions

from 1799

All-round carefree package
* from € 49 per month


  • Search engine optimization on / off page
  • Competitor analysis & keyword research
  • Speed test optimization
  • SEO texts up to 25 keywords
  • 30 qualitative backlinks on portals

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All-round carefree package
* from € 179 per month


Predictable WordPress packages

Do you need individual information? Do you have suggestions and ideas that we can implement for you? Would you like to have your own WordPress themes created and programmed? You have a specific idea for a layout and a design. Please contact us for an initial consultation.

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